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The University Campus “G. Marconi” of La Spezia is coordinated and managed by “Promostudi La Spezia” – Participation Foundation for the Promotion of Higher Education Studies in La Spezia.

Started in 2002 by the main local Institutions (Province and District of La SpeziaSaving Bank Foundation of La SpeziaChamber of Commerce and Confindustria La Spezia), Promostudi La Spezia represents a significant example of co-existence of private and public realities, and a university institution qualified according to the specific vocation and economic-productive needs of the district. Company’s corporate structure involves with the role of Founders the municipality of La Spezia, La Spezia’s Savings Bank Foundation, Riviera Ligure’s Chamber of Commerce, Confindustria La Spezia, Port System Authorities of Eastern Ligurian Sea and University of Genoa.

Throughout these years, the University Campus of La Spezia distinguished itself by a significant growth and became a center of reference and attraction for a large number of students coming from all over the Nation and also from foreign countries.


The specific educational activities of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are integrated with research projects, experimental didactic activities, workshops, specialized seminars and conferences. This organization therefore operates in a very close collaboration with important industrial and academic institutions, and it can count on a wide net of relations that, in time, has become very important at an international level. All this has made possible for the fulfillment of very interesting projects of partnership, educational experiences and apprenticeships abroad.

At the Polo Universitario della Spezia, which in the last two years has registered about 230 registrations annually, there are six graduate courses at the University of Genoa – Polytechnic School: three-year courses in Mechanical Engineering (curriculum automation and mechatronics), Engineering Nautical and Design of the Product and Nautical (nautical design curriculum) and master courses in Yacht Design (full English course), naval and naval design (inter-university course realized in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano) and , Starting with the AA 2017/18 in Mechanical Engineering – Design and Production (Mechatronic Curriculum).

yacht design

Master's degree

mechanical engineering


Master's degree

Yacht and cruising vessel design

Master's degree

Pleasure Craft Engineering

Bachelor's Degree

mechanical engineering

Bachelor's Degree

Product and Nautical design

Bachelor's degree


(End Life Boat)

The goal of the research is to study and propose a sustainable solution to offer a proper end of life to craft, demonstrating, both theoretically and experimentally, the opportunity to enter the “boat system” within the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) , with particular attention to the last phase of the cycle: the divestment.


The Minitransat 6.50 is now considered as the most famous existing sailing challenge: 4,200 miles between the Atlantic waves, without external assistance and with the prohibition to communicate with the mainland. The project aims to prepare the prototype 756 for the race Minitransat 2015, with a young team committed to developing technical skills.


Seabus is a maritime transport system for passengers who intend to enter the urban public transport panorama of the city in order to lighten, significantly, the wheels of reducing transit time, cost and environmental pollution (emission reduction air pollutants and noise radiated in the environment).


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